Videos contain information referencing cosmetic procedures. These are no longer eligible expenses UNLESS medically necessary.

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What's new?

On February 26, 2018 the Government of Saskatchewan announced that P.S.T. no longer applies to Health & Welfare Trusts, retroactive to August 1, 2017. The following is a letter received from them outlining the repayment of premiums collected. Please click here to read the letter.

What are the costs?

There is a one-time set-up fee of $200 regardless of the number of employees in the company. There are no other ongoing administration fees unless a claim is made. All claims are subject to a 10% (plus applicable taxes) administration fee, which is 100% deductible to your company.

What is covered?


Alcoholism Treatment



Artificial Limbs


Birth Control Pills

Blood Tests



Chinese Medicine


Contact Lenses

Contraceptive Devices

Cosmetic Surgery *

Crowns & Bridgework


Dental Implants

Dental Treatment

Dental X-rays



Diagnostic Fees

Diapers For Incontinence

Drug Addiction Therapy

Drugs (prescription)

Elderly Parent and Dependent Care


Fees paid to health institute prescribed by a doctor

Fertility drugs and treatment

Fluoridation units

Guide dog


Hearing aid and batteries

Hospital bills


Insulin Treatments

Lab Tests

Laser eye surgery

Lodging (away from home for outpatient care)

Metabolism tests

Medical Marijuana



Nursing (including board and meals)


Operating room costs



Oral surgery

Organ transplant (including donor's expense)


Orthopedic shoes



Overseas medical services

Oxygen and oxygen equipment




Post-natal treatments

Pre-natal care

Prescription medicine

Prescription sunglasses





Radium therapy

Registered massage therapy

Special school costs for the handicapped

Special needs tuition

Spinal fluid test




Telephone or TV equipment to assist the hearing impaired

Therapy equipment

Transportation expenses (relative to health care),

Ultraviolet ray treatments



Vitamins (if prescribed)




Note: This is a partial list. All allowable expenses must qualify as outlined in the Canadian Income Tax Act (Section 118.2). You can find the complete list under CRA’s folio S1-F1-C1.

News: As a result of changes to the 2010 federal budget (effective March 4, 2010) purely cosmetic procedures will no longer be eligible. Examples given in the federal budget plan include liposuction, hair transplants, Botox and teeth whitening.

What happens to the money in the plan?

The money that you put in is completely tax-deductible in the year of contribution. The funds themselves sit in our Trust account and are withdrawn tax-free to pay for healthcare expenses.

What happens if I don't use all the money that I contribute?

Any unused contribution carries forward and remains in the plan for future use.

Why should I consider bizflex plus?

While bizflex is a great way to deduct predictable health-related expenses, bizflex plus rounds out your coverage by protecting you and your family against unforeseen health expenses that could prove to be financially crippling. For less than 30 cents a day, you can receive over a $1 million of coverage – and peace of mind.

Who administers bizflex?

Based in Calgary, AVP Financial is a specialist in Health and Welfare Trusts (HWT) and Private Health Services Plan (PHSP), and acts as a third party administrator of these plans.

How is bizflex administered?

Claims can be paid in one of two ways. The healthcare practitioner - for example a dentist - can bill AVP Financial directly. The second method - particularly for smaller expenses - is to pay for the expense and submit it to AVP Financial for reimbursement. You can be reimbursed electronically directly into your bank account, or a cheque can be mailed out to you.

How do I keep track of all my receipts?

AVP Financial will do this for you. We will send statements detailing all money received and all claims paid during the calendar year.

Can I deduct expenses already paid for this year?

Yes in most cases, as long as these expenses have not been claimed elsewhere. For specific questions, please call toll free 1-888-214-3211.

What expenses are covered?

Here’s a list of eligible expenses (What’s Covered). More information can be found on Canada Revenue Agency’s folio S1-F1-C1.

How do I go about setting up the plan?

Fill out the online Application Form and send it along with a cheque in the amount of $200 CDN made payable to AVP Health and Welfare Trust and send to bizflex, Suite 222, 855 – 42 Avenue SE , Calgary, AB, T2G 1Y8. A contract will be sent to you by email for signature. At that time you will be asked to return the signed contract, along with your initial applicable receipts back to AVP Financial. If you need further information, call 1-888-214-3211. Please note that this is a Canadian Tax Plan and is only available to Canadian residents (not available in Quebec).

Where can I find out more about the Canada Revenue Agency’s interpretation of these plans?

There is information on the Canada Revenue Agency website on the guidelines for Health and Welfare Trusts and Private Health Services Plans. The CRA folios specific to the subject are as follows:

S2-F1-C1 – Health and Welfare Trusts
IT-339R2 – Private Health Services Plans
S1-F1-C1 – Medical Expense, Disability Tax Credits and Attendant Care Deduction (What’s Covered)

Do you have a drug card available for employee use?

Yes. This enables the employee to use the company drug card when they go to a pharmacy to purchase prescription drugs. So, instead of the employee paying out of pocket, the expense is billed to the company when a drug card is used. However, there is a cost attached to this convenience.

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